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Broken Hill Horse Equestrian Centre

Silver City Riding Academy

Silver City Riding Academy offers many different services for the community and clients from anywhere in Australia, such as horse riding lessons, trail rides, community visits, horse training/re-education, agistment, birthday parties, and so much more! Please check out our booking website for more information on our full range of services.

Silver City Riding Academy - Broken Hill Horse Riding Lessons

Horse Riding Lessons

Embarking on a horse riding journey is wonderfully enriched through our riding lessons! Our offerings accommodate every age group and riding proficiency level. Whether you're a complete beginner, in the early stages of learning, or aiming to elevate your skills, we've got you covered.

Silver City Riding Academy - Broken Hill Trail Rides

Trail Rides

For those exploring Broken Hill or seeking a tranquil saddle-bound experience amidst picturesque landscapes, our Trail Rides provide an ideal option. Immerse yourself in the serene scenery as you unwind on horseback. Pricing will be tailored to the duration of your chosen trail ride, accommodating various preferences.

Silver City Riding Academy - Broken Hill Pony Parties

Pony Parties

Within Silver City Riding Academy's collection you'll discover a selection of impeccably trained ponies and horses. These remarkable companions are thoughtfully brought to your child's event in the Broken Hill area, ensuring wonderful memories through the magic of captivating pony rides.

Silver City Riding Academy - Broken Hill Horse Training

Horse Training

At Silver City Riding Academy, we present top-tier instruction facilitated by adept and seasoned trainers. Our approach focuses solely on education and excludes activities like horse campaigns, transportation, and care. We furnish all necessary equipment and training techniques for each individual horse under our guidance.

Silver City Riding Academy - Broken Hill Horse Riding Lessons

Holiday Programs

Comprehensive day-long holiday programs are organised throughout school breaks. Commencing in the morning and extending through the afternoon, these programs assign each child a dedicated pony for the duration. Due to their immense popularity, these programs tend to reach capacity rapidly.

Silver City Riding Academy - Broken Hill Community Visits

Community Visits

Silver City Riding Academy provides an exclusive service where we bring the magic of ponies directly to you, whether it's nursing homes, residences, schools, and more. Experience the joy of spontaneous visits, as our ponies make surprise appearances at various events and locations.